Hello Friends

My name is Amanda Lu. I am a medical doctor who is now a full time mother of two wonderful boys: Darren and Bennett.

Initially, the primary reason starting this blog is to share my every joyous moment and observation on the growth and the development of my two

There is no doubt children are growing so fast and I want to do my best to document this career of – being their mother. I believe the parents’ ability to observe their children’s growth and subtle changes plays a critical factor in success of parenting and in their children’s development.

I am blessed to be the mother of my two beautiful angels; however, there are times Darren and Bennett are just two little devils. They are talented in creating endless chaos and messes in my life. There are frustrating and challenging times when I wish parenting has a return policy like Costco. Every day I feel my tolerance level kept on raising and become more resilient to screaming and germs.

Raising a Kind, Confident, and Curious Child

Both my husband and I are in complete agreement wanting to raise kind, confident, and curious children. We consider ourselves are well educated; however, we both agree growing up is more than getting into good schools, getting good grades, and being filled with lots of unenjoyable after-school activities.

We value fundamental personal characteristic highly. My husband and I wish our kids are kind, confident, and curious. We wish they share our traditional family values and strive to maintain close relationships with families.

Hearing the Parenting Tip from You

Frankly, being a medical doctor does not give you much of a head start on being a good parent. It is our desire of raising a decent human being that drive both my husband and I become serious and thoughtful on parenting.

We are young parents who just begin this journey. We open to learn and to hear any constructive parenting approaches and suggestions. This blog also serves as a channel from us to hear your parenting stories and to hear about your little love ones.


Amanda Lu