Raising kids is probably the toughest yet the most fulfilling job in the world. For first time parents, this might be the one job you are least prepared for as you enter adulthood. For experienced parents, this is the job where you continuously learn with your children as you both grow older and wiser when it comes to handling stress, limitations and growth.

As a parent, you are responsible for providing a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment for your kids as they go through different stages in their lives. Flexibility is required especially in adjusting to your children’s individual needs versus your own. Some parents are born with the natural temperament to make the job easier for them while others just don’t have the abilities to be parents. It’s a good thing that parenting can be both talent and skills, thus it can be learned. Being open to constant change, like learning and unlearning strategies in parenting, result in remarkable improvements and becoming better parents over the course of time.

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