Parenting can be both talent and skills, and it surely can be learned. Being open to constant change will result in remarkable improvements and becoming better parents over the course of time.

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Children's diet and nutrition needs is consistently change level. The nutrition levels need to be achieved to ensure that they grow up strong and healthy

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Crafts & Arts

Fostering creativity and letting children express themselves not only nurture children's talent but also develop their mental, emotional and social abilities.


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Fun and Games

Play is critical for a child’s development because it allows children to channel their creativity in a variety of ways that will develop cognitive, motor and social skills that they can apply in adult life.

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Cooking Recipes

Build your child’s use of imagination & academic skills through involvement in the kitchen. Make use of fun, colorful and delicious food recipes you can make with your kids.

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Blogs & Columns

Parenting is hard. Period. There is no easy road. No one perfect way to parent. These fun articles make parenting just a tad pleasant and a lot more fun.

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Since 1993

A Letter to You

Hello my friend,

My husband and I are blessed and thankful being parents of our two beautiful boys: Darren and Bennett. They are loved dearly. When we first start this this blog, it was meant to be a simple blog to be shared among the families.

As we diligently preparing for our website, both my husband and I came across a greater purpose - why not create a website to:

  • Sharing fun in growing up
  • Help to improve parent-children relationship and interaction
  • Let children to have a more fun and happier childhood
  • Make children more healthy and more active
  • Make parenting a less challenging experience

We are 'parents in training'. And, we are open and keen to improve on our parenting and approaches. If you have any pointers or stories to share, please do let us know.

Next Steps...

We encourage you turning off your TV, shutting down your mobile devices, and get off your couch. Grab a book, a pen, a piece of scratch paper. Simple activity like doodling as a family will strengthen parent-child relationship, helping your children to learn and be creative.

Grow up with them together, grow up fun.

Amanda & Jeff

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