We are blessed and thankful being the parents of our two beautiful boys: Darren and Bennett. They are loved dearly. When we first start this this website, it was meant to be a simple blog to be shared among the families.

As we diligently preparing for our website, both my husband and I came across a greater purpose – why not create a website to:

  • Help to improve parent-children relationship and interaction
  • Let children to have a more fun and happier childhood
  • Make children more healthy and more active
  • Make parenting a less challenging experience

The contents on this website can be personal. You will read about our very little joyous moment. It can be silly and making no sense. Or, you can hear we complain about our two active boys being difficult to manage. For that, we thank you for being an outlet of our frustration at parenting from time-to-time.

Some of the contents on this website maybe inspired from other materials on Internet. We think it’s fun and ought to share with you hoping to delight you.

We recognize we may not be the perfect parents (although we strive to be). We are open and keen to improve on parenting and approaches. If you have any pointers or story to share, please do let us know.


Amanda and Jeff