Angry Bird Paper Puppet


Making a colourful bird puppet using an ordinary lunch bag. Teach your kids basic shapes and colours. This is a great project to improve your child’s motor skill and imagination while having fun with this craft project.


30-40 minutes

Age Group

3 – 5 years old. This DIY craft is suitable for young children in preschool and nursery.

Materials and Tools

  • 1 small paper bag
  • 1 pair of eyes
  • 1 small pc of coloured paper
  • 8 pcs of coloured feathers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1. Conceptualize

Make your kids feel that it they will be creating their own artwork but you are there to guide them. Ask for their input on how their puppet bird is going to look like. What colour are the feathers? Is this an angry, happy, or a goofy bird? Children should be encouraged to brainstorm minimally for the basic constructs of the project; such as, eyes, mouth (beak) and feathers.

Step 2. Prepare the body

Take out your small brown bag and tell them they need to imagine it as the bird’s body. Using a pencil, have your kids point out which part of the paper bag they can use for the body and what they need to stick in there. Have them mark on which part are they going to paste on the feathers.

Step 3. Make up the face

This time, ask your kid where they should put the bird’s face. Guide them to the folded bottom part of the paper bag. Using pencil let them draw the head, eyes, and mouth.

Step 4. Draw & Cut Facial Features. 

Take out the small piece of paper and let your kids draw a triangle to use for the bird’s mouth.

Step 5. Glue and Assemble materials. 

Prepare all the materials that you created and put glue on the back of each. Help your kids glue everything onto the paper bag on the markings that they’ve drawn on the body and the face.

Step 6. Show & Tell.

After your kids put everything together, let them show you their work product and applaud for a job well done. Children love to see their artworks on display so keep it and hang it around the house for a while.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

There are following ideas or extension you can try to make this project more fun:

  • Adding more colourful feathers for dinner kind of birds, such as roosters or ostrich
  • Add different shape of facial feature to express different mood
  • Add different clothing and accessory to dress up the puppet

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