Animal Sound Charades


The objective of a charades game is to use kids’ imagination. The animal sound charade game can practice their thinking and listening skills. It will also enhance their knowledge on animal names and sounds.



What You Need

5 or more players



Step 1.

Cut out pieces of paper in rectangular form.

Step 2.

Write a name of an animal on the paper, fold and place inside a container. Get everyone to contribute.

Step 3.

First representative will draw a paper from the container and make that animal’s sound.

Step 4.

Next player picks from the container after someone guessed the first one correctly. Take turns in drawing out paper from the container until everyone has finished in front.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized charade game with these expanded ideas:

  • For toddlers who are not able to read yet, use flashcards with pictures of animals to guess the sound.
  • For older kids, they can both act out the animal and use the sounds to guess.
  • Make up teams and your own rules. Put on costumes! Invite the whole family for more fun and exciting rounds of animal charades.

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