How to Encourage Writing in Children

Writing is first introduced to kids in school at the age of 3 years and above. The pre-school teacher takes care of the basics but the parents foster the child’s enthusiasm in writing and enhancing his skills such as penmanship. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. Parents play a vital role in encouraging their children to learn and practice writing as much as they do in reading.

  1. Recognize and encourage early writing.

When your toddler first grabs a pen and starts scribbling, he is already writing. In the same way that your pre-schooler writes the alphabet, he is learning both language and writing. Drawing is also a form of writing and all these should be acknowledged and celebrated as one of your child’s milestones in life.

  1. Read and practice a story-filled life.

Reading ignites the imagination of children which can encourage them to write as well. As a parent, you need to read to your child every day. Make bedtime stories a habit and take turns reading pages. Read a variety of book genres. Talk to them and fill your children’s lives with stories.

  1. Write with your children.

If you read with your kids every day, they are encouraged to love reading. Therefore, if you are going to write with your kids every day, you will get them to learn and love writing too. As role models, you have to show to children that you practice what you preach. Example is when you write your grocery list for the week, invite your child to sit with you and write the list together.

  1. Provide them a variety of writing tools.

There are many ways to make writing fun. The most effective method is to have them try different writing instruments such as chalk, paint, colored markers and pens. Big chalk boards, dry-erase boards and big poster papers also invite children to scribble away.

  1. Create a study place.

Set up a study corner at home where your children can read, draw and write when they like. Fill their writing space with assorted pens, pencils, notebooks and pads of paper. Kids find it irresistible not to start writing if they have a pen and paper in sight. Apart from writing materials, include books and dictionaries appropriate for their age.

  1. Include writing as a part of your child’s daily routine.

Frequent writing develops the habit of writing. To nurture such habit, writing must be included in their daily activities. As a parent, you also need to schedule quality writing time with your children every day. It does not need to be long and boring lessons but more of short instructions and independent writing for your kid.

Holding a pencil and writing letters can be a little tough for kids who struggle with fine motor skills. However, children have a natural inclination to drawing and writing. Practicing them every day can make a big difference. Give your child as much writing time as you can. If your child is resistant, write with them and make writing more fun together.

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