New Year Firing Dragon


Create a fire-breathing dragon using used paper rolls! This is a perfect craft project for the New Year with your grade-schoolers. The dragon craft looks attractive with the bright colored flames and it is super easy to make.


1 hour 30 minutes

Age Group

6 years and above

  • This DIY craft is suitable for grade-school pupils and the whole family.

Materials and Tools

  • Used toilet paper roll
  • Crepe paper (colors: green, red and yellow)
  • 2 pairs of mini pompom balls (one pair’s size should be smaller than the other pair)
  • 1 pair of googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Double sided adhesive tape
  • Scissors


Step 1.

Take out a paper roll from your used toilet papers or paper towels.

Step 2.

Cut out the red and yellow colored papers into 9 to 10 inches long strips with pointed tips.

Step 3.

Glue the strips around the inside of one edge of the paper roll. Do another layer until the hole is filled. Leave to dry.

Step 4.

Cut the green colored paper in to the same size as the paper roll. Wrap the paper around the roll using glue.

Step 5.

Attach the pair of googly eyes on to the bigger pompom balls.

Step 6.

Glue the dragon together in the following order:

  • Glue the pompom balls with the eyes on the other side of the paper roll without the strips
  • Glue the smaller pompom balls on the lower part of the paper roll. They will look like nose buttons.

Step 7.

Have your kids try blowing their very first fire dragon!

  • Put your mouth on the other end of the paper roll and blow to test if there are strips that will fall out.
  • Glue them back again and make sure they dry out completely.


More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Make your DIY dragon fire craft more interesting using these expanded fun ideas:

  • Create your own firing dragon using paper cups instead of paper rolls. The bottom part of the cup is where the strips should go.
  • Use bright colours of red, orange and yellow to represent good luck in the New Year.
  • Make the dragon more personalized by allowing your kids to design them as they like.

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