3D Hearts Tree



Make a three dimensional heart tree using colored papers! Bring out your kids nature-lover personalities. Teach them about living things and the world around them.


1 hour 30 minutes

Age Group

5 – 10 years

  • This DIY craft is suitable for young children in grade school.

Materials and Tools

  • Colored paper (red, pink, brown, green)
  • White or blue poster paper
  • Glue
  • Saucer or plate
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


Step 1.

Cut out the red and pink colored papers into strips and glue them together to make 3D hearts.

Step 2.

Trace your right arm on the brown art paper and cut.

Step 3.

Cut a 2-inch wide strip of green art paper with uneven lining.

Step 4.

Prepare your white canvass (poster paper), turn it upright and glue in the following order:

  1. Glue the green strip on the bottom of the canvass.
  2. Glue the brown hand over the green strip and on the center of the canvas.

Step 5.

Prepare a plate of glue to place the hearts around the tree. Dip the hearts on the plate and glue it on the canvass one by one.

Step 6.

Let the whole canvass dry off for a few minutes. Have your kids write their name on it and hang around your house until the next art work you make with your kids.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create your own DIY 3D art crafts made with paper plates using these expanded fun ideas:

  • Use more colors for the hearts to make a colorful 3D heart tree.
  • Use a blue background canvass to make it look like the sky and add other designs your kids might like (e.g. sun, birds, a small house, etc).
  • Wrap the white poster paper on a cardboard and put a hook at the back so you could hang it better.

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