Green Stinger Jellyfish



Make super easy jellyfish art using recycled paper plates! Teach your children about animals and their habitat while having fun. Fill their imagination with different creatures at sea like our green jellyfish.


30 minutes

Age Group

3-5 years old up to 8

  • This DIY craft is suitable for young children in preschool and early grade school.

Materials and Tools

  • 1 recycled paper plate
  • 1 pair of googly eyes
  • Party streamers (varied colours)
  • Coloured markers
  • Glitters
  • Glue
  • Scissors


Step 1.

Bring out paper plate and cut in half, crosswise. Cut it in waves to show the mouth of the jelly fish. You will only need the back side of the plate.

Step 2.

Let the kids design the plate using their imagination. Make use of the colored pens.

Step 3.

Spread glue on the plate. Scatter the glitters to make it stick. Put the pair of eyes too, to complete the look. Leave to dry for a few minutes.

Step 4.

Cut the party streamers into long strips. They can vary in sizes and number. Younger kids have not developed their motor skills fully parents may opt to help them with the scissors.

Step 5.

Stick the edge of the streamers onto the back and voila! Your paper jellyfish is ready.

Step 6.

Have them give the jellyfish a name and do a little show and tell after every artwork with your kids. This can help them enhance their speaking skills and confidence.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create your DIY jellyfish craft with these expanded fun ideas:

  • Draw a 2D jelly-specific artwork for the head.
  • Experiment with colors for the stings.
  • Explore more realistic crafts like ‘plastic bag jellyfish in a bottle’ to make and show to your kids.

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