Leaf Butterfly Hairpins


Create beautiful temporary hair clips using actual dried leaves! Bring out the nature-lover personality in your children as they explore the world outside while having fun. Little girls are especially fond of cute accessories so this very easy handicraft will keep them interested. This project is a perfect way to bond with your kids on an afternoon in fall.


30 minutes

Age Group

3 – 5 years

  • This DIY craft is suitable for young children in preschool and nursery.

Materials and Tools

  • 1 small clothes pin
  • Dry leaves (with size relative to the clothes pin)
  • Colored tape
  • Scissors


Step 1.

Get 2 dry leaves and cut off the protruding stem at the tip of each leaf. They will be used as butterfly tentacles.

Step 2.

Using the colored tape, attach the tentacles on the tip of the clothes pin.

Step 2.

Get 2 or 4 more dry leaves. You will use these as butterfly wings of your clothes pin so it should be of relative size. Keep the stems on them.

Step 3.


Get your colored tape and attach the leaves on to each side of the pin. Cover the top side of the pin with colored tape to complete the look.

Step 4.

Let your kids use their new butterfly hairpins! It will look very cute on them, especially on little girls.


More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create your own DIY crafts made with dry leaves using these expanded fun ideas:

  • Dry and paint the leaves to make it more crisp and not easy to tear. Use colors like gold or silver.
  • Have your kids paint the leaves with their own design.
  • Make other DIY accessories made with leaves (e.g. leaf crown/head band) to match with your nature-lover theme.

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