Springy Spiral Snake



S is for Snakes! Make a coiled snake craft using recycled paper plates and colored pens. Have fun in making artwork representations for each letter of the Alphabet. This is also an interesting way to each your kids about different animals and their habitat.


1 Hour

Age Group

3 – 5 years old

  • This DIY craft is suitable for young children in Pre-School and Kindergarten

Materials and Tools

  • Unused paper plate
  • 1 small piece of red art paper
  • Colouring pens and markers
  • Scissors
  • Wool or String
  • Glue


Step 1.

Take out a used paper plate and draw a spiral using a black marker.

Note: Draw the spiral starting from the outside and ending in the center of the plate.

Step 2.

Scribble, draw, brush and have fun. Let your kid design the paper plate using the colouring materials you have in any way he likes.

Step 3.

Cut along the spiral until you reach the center of the plate.

Note: Do not cut all the way through the center. Leave about 1 inch space at the tip for your snake’s head.

Step 4.

Draw and cut a small and thin rectangle shape from your red art paper. You will use this for the snake’s tongue.

Step 5.

Draw an eye at the tip your snake’s head. Punch a hole and attach the string to your spiral snake.

Step 6.

Glue the snake’s tongue to the head and have your kid name the snake as he likes. Do a little show and tell to help enhance his speaking skills and confidence.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Unleash your kids’ creativity and imagination by creating your own DIY spiral snake handicraft. Make it more interesting using these expanded fun ideas:

  • You can choose to cut the spiral before coloring so the kids can see the shape of the snake.
  • Design and color the snake in detail (e.g. use bright colored stripes to represent a coral snake).
  • Hang your spiral snake along with other animal crafts made by your kids for a jungle-themed bedroom decoration.

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