5 Personal Tips on Parenting Toddlers

There is no proper training in becoming a parent, except for the hands-on experience you get as you grow up with your children. It is a comfort for first time parents to hear that all of us had to go through the same challenge of handling toddlers. This is the stage where we had to cope-up with unreasonable demands of inquisitive minds and face a huge deal of tantrums. It comes through the early years of childhood from one to three years.

As parents of two fun, active and loving little boys, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs in raising them to be wonderful as they are today and the confident men they will be in the future. We are in a continuous process of raising them but looking back to our first time with Bennett, we thought we could share a few personal tips, especially to first time parents, on parenting toddlers.

1. You will find it difficult and it is perfectly normal.

It is possible to arrive in a situation where you might question your capabilities of being parents. Why is my child very rowdy? Why can’t I make them listen to me? I was constantly finding ways then of making life easier for us and the kids. I thought if it’s this hard then I must be doing something wrong. Two little boys cannot be more mischievous than they were as toddlers. Endless running, tantrums, and accidents are very normal. So relax and reassure yourself that you are doing everything that you can. You are, in fact, doing well.

2. Discover and embrace your children’s personalities.

Imagine the work of having two kids with completely opposite personalities, an overly active and thrill-seeking child versus the quiet and reserved one. It was mentally draining to push my introvert kid to try out new things while keeping my daredevil more restrained. I realized that my efforts did not change their innate personalities at all. They are who they are and I have come to accept that. Embracing their differences contribute to the growth of your children into happy and effective adults.

3. Check out those parenting life hacks. Sometimes, they really work!

You are reading this article because you want to make parenting easier for your toddler. Apart from learning about the challenges of this stage of development, parents from all over the world share their proven tips on how to make life with your kids a little easier. We give you encouraging words in a 700 word article and an advice to look at actual life hacks that are best useful during their craziest years.

Hacks are like shortcuts to taking care of your toddlers. Bedtime tips, for example, such as placing a rolled-up towel on the edge of the bed to prevent your kid from falling can lessen your worries at night. This and using an extra house shirt to catch the mess during mealtime instead of a small bib work perfectly for me.

4. Your preferred parenting method will eventually work.

Whatever method you choose to apply on your kids to keep them happy, safe and disciplined will eventually work. Those years of developing teamwork between the parents and figuring out the best routines to make life a little less stressful every day will pay off.  I see Bennett today and I feel that I have reaped the fruits of our labour during his early years. So we continue whatever we feel is right in raising Darren.

My boys have adapted to a steady bedtime schedule, they take academics seriously but at the same time, they know the importance of fun & play. My first time experience has given me a lot of encouragement to raise bigger kids with a new level of expectation. You are a good parent now and you will become better, I assure you.

5. Stay calm and have fun. This stage of parenting toddlers will end.

Although it may seem like the devilish years of your todds are everlasting, it will end. A day will come when you can sit with your husband over coffee while you let your kids off to do what they want and need to do. The toddler years are beautiful in a way that it is full of life. Your kids are curious balls of sunshine and you will share with them milestones in your life as a parent. If you keep on stressing instead of enjoying the experience with your kids, you will realize how much you’ve missed as this season ends.

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