Effects of Good Nutrition on Child Behaviour

Experts have different ideas on how nutrition can affect a child’s overall development. Studies have shown that good nutrition have effects on both their physical and cognitive development. Depending on their eating habits, children may be able to improve attention deficit, hyperactivity and other learning and behavioural problems. The studies concluded that kids who eat healthy are more able to control their emotions to help cope up with stress.


You may notice your kid go from being hyperactive to being cranky within a few hours interval. This is because food ingredients like sugar can trigger chemical changes within the brain that is the cause of your child’s moody behaviour. A drop in the blood sugar levels of your child can change their happy mood to a mess of tantrums. Usually, a sandwich can help fix their mood instantly. This is because complex carbohydrates increase serotonin levels in the brain which produces a feeling of overall happiness in the body. Thus, eating plenty of whole grain breads and snacks can improve your child’s mood and behaviour.

Behavioural Interactions

According to studies, a good and balanced diet affects a child’s ability to interact with other people. Children who eat highly nutritious foods are more likely to behave well when interacting with others than children whose diet lacks proper nutrition. A child who eats a healthy diet is more helpful, more active and more involved with other children. Those who receive poor nutrition are prone to lack of interest and shy behaviour.

School Performance

Because nutrition affects a child’s learning development, children who eat unhealthy have behavioural problems that lead to poor overall performance in school. They receive low grades due to the lack of ability to focus on their lessons. Unhealthy kids are less likely to abide by school rules and regulations as a result of poor behaviour. Hence, it is recommended to feed your grade schoolers with a diet rich in vitamins and minerals found in nutritious protein foods, vegetables and fruits.


We know how our children can be very picky eaters. However, establishing healthy eating habits as early as 2 years old can develop good behaviour as your child moves into adulthood. Following a proper diet plan that includes lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and essential fatty acids is necessary to keep your kids well behaved.


  1. Invest food on low-fat, lean proteins. Buy organic beef, chicken, and eggs.
  2. Buy organic vegetables.
  3. Do not eat too much fruits to limit sugar intake.
  4. Use kid supplements such as vitamins at the advice of a health professional.


  1. Eating processed foods with high preservatives.
  2. Not being able to control high-sugar intake.
  3. Serving foods with saturated fat, trans-fatty acids, and high cholesterol.
  4. Using refined sugar instead of natural sweeteners.


Improving a child’s behaviour through changing the way they eat depends on the level of their development but the possibility of it makes it worth the try. Proper diet still contributes to the overall health of your child, whether or not it enhances other developmental stages.

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