Color Game


Enhance your child memory problem-solving skills by memorizing the color when flipping cards. You can also make use of shapes, letters and numbers to improve the idea of your child through this game. Perfect for children of ages 5 and up.



What You Need

  • 2 or more players
  • Index cards
  • Scissors
  • Colored instruction paper
  • white craft glue


Step 1.

Cut the index cards in a half crosswise to make two lotto cards.

Step 2.

Cut the colored construction paper into halves to fit in each card.

Step 3.

To make it more fun, instruct your kids to help glue the paper on the cards. Every side of the card should have a colored and a blank side.

Step 4.

Make sure to shuffle all the cards up and then arrange them in rows colored side down and the blank side is up.

Step 5.

Start the game by choosing the two cards to flip over and try to find a match. If he does, he can remove the cards from the row, and if he does not make any match he turn the cards back over and try again.

Step 6.

Your child may need to turn over more than two cards or even keep them facing up.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized Color Lotto game with these expanded ideas:

  • Play Color lotto with your family and make it more fun.
  • Use other shapes, picture of animals, letters or numbers to enhance the memory of your child.
  • Make more cards to flip to make the game stay longer.

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