How to Encourage Children to Become Physically Active


Physical activity is important for children as much as it is important for adults.  Apart from developing locomotive skills, exercise also helps build a strong foundation of a growing kid’s mind and body.

A strong and healthy body is important if your child is in to sports and other outdoor activities. Exercise helps develop their balance and coordination. Likewise, engaging in physical activities can relieve stress which can lead to sleeping well at night. With a balanced lifestyle of work and school, children are more likely to be attentive in class. Aside from its health benefits, participating in outdoor games also develops their social, team building and problem solving skills. Interacting with others give children the sense of belonging that they are part of a group of friends within the neighborhood.

With the advancement of technology, most children today choose to stay indoors instead of engaging in physical activities. Hence, obesity in young kids is becoming an alarming issue. Without adequate exercise, the risk of acquiring several health problems including, but not limited to, diabetes and high blood pressure increases.

Help your child to stay healthy with these basic ideas that will promote exercise in their daily routine.

  1. Walk your kid to school every day.

If possible, you can opt to commute with your child to school which will include walking to the subway or the bus stop. If your residence is nearer, ride a bike with your child instead of driving him with a private car. The exercise you will get is not only be beneficial for your kid but for you, as well.

  1. Invite the whole family to be more active.

Rather than forcing your children to do exercises every morning, make it a family bonding activity. Strive for every one of you to live healthy. Take a leisurely after-dinner walk, spend a Sunday afternoon at the park with your kids, or play catch with everyone in the backyard.

  1. Let your child choose what he wants.

The only way a child will stick to a physically active lifestyle is if he finds it to be something he loves to do. Open them to the world of sports and have them try what they like. Ask them what they want so you can work together to include more of that activity in their daily or weekly schedule. Rather than setting up expectations of your kid becoming an all-star player, he will feel that he is doing it because he wants to and it makes him feel good and healthy.

  1. Outdoor play dates.

Sometimes, it takes a pinch of creativity to encourage your child to try new things. Turn the boring exercise routine into a fun event that he can expect to every day or every week. Let them choose what they want to play. Make the necessary arrangements from reservation to materials and put into the calendar for your child to look forward to.

  1. Let them explore the world outside.

Find ways for them to put down their tablets or video controllers. Take it away from their hands if need be, and send them outside to play. Take your kids to the park or into your backyard to play with the whole family. Once you get them to go outside, nature will do its magic. There are just far too many things to physically explore outside that they will never experience in just playing video games at home.

  1. Be a role model.

Children will always look up to their parents as an example. There is no use of encouraging them to be more active if they see the exact opposite in you. However, showing them how you enjoy doing physical activities, kids will usually join in the fun.

If you notice that your kids are too engrossed in playing video and mobile games, it is time to pull them out and start with the fundamentals. Encourage your kids to try new activities every day.  Allow them to explore their adventurous side.  It will help them stay active and healthy even as they grow into adulthood.

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