Sack Race


Sack race is a simple but the best game race for all ages. You can play this with or without a partner. This game develops unity and teamwork to win the race easily.



What You Need

  • 6 or more players
  • 1 sack per person or team
  • obstacle equipment (optional) cones, cans, pillows etc.


Step 1.

Gather all players and make two lines. The first kid of each team gets inside the sack and hold it up with their hands.

Step 2.

Once you hear the signal, GO! Start hopping, go around the cone and back again to the start line.

Step 3.

Once the player returns, the next player will jumps in to the sack and continue to the race.

Step 4.

The fastest hopping team wins the race.


More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized Sack Race game with these expanded ideas:

  • Playing Sack Race with your family is a good bonding and fun activity.
  • Develop team work by playing a double player Sack Race. Create a good rhythm with your partner and hop together.
  • Invite your friends and neighbor family for more fun.

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