I Spy With My Two Eyes



I Spy is a fun and family-friendly guessing game that can be played by children of all ages. I spy tests and develops the power of perception, observation and expands their vocabulary.



What You Need

2 or more players


Step 1.

For each round of I spy, you must select who will be the I spy first.

Step 2.

As the first I spy, you will pick an object from surroundings that all the players can see.

Step 3.

The other players will take a hint for guessing the object.

Step 4.

The I spy uses the phrase, “I spy with my two eyes” for giving a hint to the other players. Example she picks a green stress ball. Player says, “I spy with my two eyes a green toy.”

Step 5.

After you provide the hint, give the players a chance to look around and find the object. If the players cannot guess the correct item, the first player gives another hint.

Only one hint should be given per category. Example, firs player says in the following order:

“I spy with my two eyes a green toy.”

“I spy with my two eyes a round toy.”

“I spy with my two eyes a small toy.”

Step 6.

The first player to guess the object is the winner. That player will be the next I spy and the new game begins.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized I Spy game with these expanded ideas:

  • Each round of I Spy can focus on a specific category, especially if playing outdoors. Example: Spy all fruits, all animals, all plants.
  • The category I Spy game can also be played indoors using
  • Make up teams and your own rules. Invite the whole family for more fun and exciting rounds of animal charades.

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