Stop & Dance: Musical Chairs



Nothing is more fun and exciting than playing a game of musical chairs. This stop & dance game of music will keep the kids entertained especially in birthday or Christmas parties. With a pack of goodies to give to the winners, your party will be a sure hit!



What You Need

  • 5 or more players
  • Chairs (should be 1 less than the number of players)


Step 1.

The chairs are set up in a circle, facing outside.

Step 2.

Players gather around the chairs and dances as the music is turned on.

Step 3.

Players should walk around while dancing.

Step 4.

When the music stops, players race to find a vacant chair and sits down. The player left standing is out of the game.

Step 5.

Remaining players continue to the next round with one chair being taken out of the circle. The number of the chairs should always be one less than the playing members.

Step 6.

The game continues until two players are left to compete for one chair. The who gets the last chair wins.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized musical game with these expanded ideas:

  • Play Stop & Dance outdoors to accommodate a bigger group.
  • Play a double player Stop & Dance with musical chairs by allowing two kids to sit on each chair. The second one on the lap of the first.
  • Invite a mix of adults and kids to play this crowd pleaser game.

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