Simon Says


Simon Says is a fun game that develops children’s listening skills and a great form of exercise. This game is fairly easy, but it can quickly turn into a fun and exciting challenge especially if playing in a large group.



What You Need

5 or more players


Step 1.

All players will stand around forming a circle.

Step 2.

Choose the first Simon who will stand in the middle of the circle surrounded by the rest of the players. Simon is the leader and commander of the group of listeners, his goal is to eliminate as many listeners as possible.

Step 3.

The listeners must obey Simon commands by listening to the first words “Simon Says.” If they hear no “Simon Says” at the start of the command, the listeners must not obey.

Step 4.

Simon will start the game by giving commands one by one.

Step 5.

Simon will start to pick-up the pace of the game by giving commands faster.

Step 6.

As a listener must listen and pay attention the commands of Simon. Simon will try to trick into obeying commands until there is one remaining listener left.

Step 7.

The remaining listener is the winner of the round, and becomes the new Simon.

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create a customized Simon Says game with these expanded ideas:

  • Simon can also ask the listeners to do different animal sounds. Example: Simon says quack like a duck.
  • Simon can take the game to the next level by commanding the listeners to do dance moves. Example: Simon says do the chicken dance.
  • Gather your family and friends to play this game and make a new rules to make it more exciting.

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