Lady Bird Fruit Crumpets

Crumpets, Nutella, Fruits — Everything kids like in one food! Source: kidspot


Two things to invite your picky-eater? (1) An appealing food (2) especially made by them! Try making this fruit-designed griddle cakes that will definitely catch your kid’s attention. Prepare a healthy breakfast from toasted crumpets, Nutella, and strawberries.

Food Type


Meal Type



30 minutes


  • Golden Crumpets
  • Nutella
  • Strawberries
  • Raisins
  • 1 Banana


Step 1.

Start cutting thin slices of the strawberry, keeping its triangular shape.

Step 2.

Cut the banana in small thin circles, as well.

Step 3.

Smother Nutella on the golden crumpet.

Step 4.

Place the strawberries on the upper half of the crumpet as seen below.


Step 5.

Put 2 slices of bananas below the layer of strawberries.

Step 6.

Put raisins on top of each slice of strawberry and banana.

Step 7.

Turn it over so the bananas are placed at the top making it look like a red lady bug.

Step 8.

Add thin strips of strawberry on the sides and serve on a plate for your kids!

More Fun Ideas and Expansions

Create your own DIY fruit snacks using these expanded fun ideas:

  • Try different fun designs with fruits.
  • Use butter instead of Nutella, if you are cutting off on too much sweets.
  • For parents, try cooking your own yeast-made crumpets instead of toasting ready to eat ones.

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